February 23, 2011 at 4:25 pm (Uncategorized)

Takin care of business! Running around today, renting out my studio to the only friend I rent to while she’s in town, Thora, running to Irvine for my braces, to vitamin shoppe, getting a few other things from store.  What else? Oh, I want to try to find time to train that new boy who is so eager to be my new sub. I’m very impressed with his naturally submissive attitude. I need to train him in everything though, he’s brand new. I’ve promised to update my site with new pics of my subs new custom chastity device too. It has urethral tubing so he can pee very easily. A Goddess’ work is never done! I have a custom video shoot for Tuesday, but am taking a three, possibly four day weekend off. I need a break. Tomorrow I’m having Emily join me for a cross dressing sissification session. I’m doing a double spanking session with her on Friday as well. Oh, guess I am busy Friday! Ok no sessions Monday, I’m taking an extra day off!


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January 19, 2011 at 6:15 pm (Uncategorized)

I am taking a 6 day last minute vacation to meet my personal submissive. I am trying to find the time to get a silver chain and sexy lock to collar him there in our own private ceremony to be followed up by another with friends back here at home when we can. I am very content now having a truly devoted and loving submissive by my side.  I am happy to take a vacation and spend one on one time with him and make our hotel room a mini dungeon. I will be back the 27th of January and already have sessions booked that day.

My trip to Vegas went very well. I had a total blast at the  Ultimate After Party. Thanks to my dear kinky friends of Fetish Tribe who made it all possible! I am looking forward to a trip soon to NYC, possibly sometime in March! Before that I am planning a trip to Philadelphia in mid February to see my good friend Miss Thora Nang, who is also visiting Los Angeles here at the end of January 25-27th, mostly while I am out of town, so see her if you can! Of course I will also be going to Ft.Lauderdale Florida in May as well.

It is possible I will never get married. If I do, I will have a prenup that makes sure I am never owned in any way by a man, but the opposite. I am so anti conformity that marriage seems overrated and possibly creatively smothering to a blossoming relationship. Perhaps I am a bit jaded from all the failed marriages around me, or perhaps I am just so independent and dominant I can’t even imagine an outside agent like the government being in the middle of my personal relationship, however they do make perks that make it extremely convenient and persuasive. I am all about ritual and private ceremony done for two people committed to a lifestyle and that’s what I may seek someday. For now, I am enjoy the life of a Goddess going wherever I please.

On a serious note, I love the life I have created for myself and have worked very hard to maintain. Having a steady stable of slaves is a lot of work at times, but very rewarding and really not too much work at all compared to the 40 hour work weeks most of them have. I am thankful to everyone who contributes to my lifestyle. What wonderful friends and fetish family I have! It is the hard work, time (since 1999) and dedication that I have put in that now allows me to flourish in this otherwise hard time for our world. So many still don’t have running water and live under such strict rules. I am very appreciative that I am among those that get to live in a modern world where women have a voice that is heard. Half of the world still has women living every day in fear. Girls in Africa having their precious clitoris removed in gruesome mutilations called circumcisions to prevent them from ever enjoying sex in anyway, but instead to have agonizing pain from any sexual contact for the rest of their lives. It usually takes place at the age of 9. In the middle East girls are burned, stoned and tortured to death for being raped! It makes my skin crawl. I am a dominant, independent, deep and educated strong woman that lives in a place where I can identify with these females and bring attention to them and enlighten the world by helping people like you who is reading this to think of them. Please appreciate our freedoms and preserve them in every way we can! Be aware of the world and stand up for what’s right and what you believe in! I embrace my freedom to it’s fullest extent by bringing light to these issues. We live in such ignorance of the world around us in our protected bubble of media that fills our minds with a bunch of consumer garbage that has no real benefit to us. Live in reality with the rest of the world by being informed, please. As a Goddess, this is a part of my contribution to my MOTHER GODDESS, our earth. If we treated her like we treated our churches and temples, life might be much better for everyone! She is who we must worship if we want to continue to live in this beautiful world in peace!

I am glad you are keeping up with me. I did promise to blog more, so I am! I wish I had more time to share my thoughts like this. I love Mother Goddess, Mother Nature, Mother Earth all the same, my trinity and so should you, after all, she is our true creator. Argue with science about that!

Peace to all and love through the universe to you all!

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Happy New Year!

January 4, 2011 at 5:43 pm (Uncategorized)

Wow, hello everyone! I know I’ve been neglecting my blog. I have been working on a recap of 2010 however and plan to post pics with it.

I will start with my travels. I went so many fun places last year! I went to Amsterdam, Florida for fetish factory anniversary party, San Francisco for Folsom Street Faire, Chicago in mid Summer, Hawaii and Jamaica for Kink in the Caribbean.

I have to run now, but am going through pics to share with you soon!

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Kink in the Caribbean here I come!

October 29, 2010 at 5:00 pm (Uncategorized)

I am so excited to celebrate my birthday in Jamaica! A place I’ve never been before. I never wanted to be away from my friends and family for my birthday, but I think it’s time now! Some friends are going and I am sure I will make new ones. I love fun, carefree events where everyone at them is partying and having a great time.

http://www.lorinrichards.com/aravenabovepress.html I am so excited to go to this! I grew up listening to Rozz Williams, he was my very favorite artist. I can only imagine I must have listened to Only Theatre of Pain a million times as a lonely teenager, he soothed my wounded soul. His voice still comforts me more than any other. My second favorite is The Path of Sorrows, it is like listening to home to me. I finally had found someone who understood the pain I felt. I am sure many had idols they looked up to as teenagers, well mine was him. I love you Rozz! I still have the bootleg video of him singing “Angel” from his Dakus Karota album. I was screaming so loud he came over, held my hand and sang it right to me. “Ooh, you’re a mean little angel, you left me so hallow inside”. I have chills now writing this. I dreamed about him after he passed away, more than once. His death was the first suicide I endured. Another Scorpio  just like Veronica and I, he’s right in between us. I don’t understand the lack of strength there, but it’s not for me to understand, only accept. I have grown so much since those dark days. Now I have sunshine in my soul instead of darkness. I am still that little death rock girl at heart though, she will always be a part of me.

The depth I carry inside is what allows me to be the wonderful and effective Dominatrix that I am.  I love giving the therapy I give. I had someone cry at how happy he was that I was able to bring this fantasy he had trapped inside for so long and didn’t even know how to tell anyone about it. All I needed was a hint and he didn’t even have to say any more. I knew what he needed. It’s my gift, to read people most of the time. If someone comes to me open and honestly, I can usually pin point the treatment they need to purge those emotions they have kept hidden inside for so long.

If only others really understood what I do, especially other women! I do for those wives of the men I see, what they don’t want to deal with. I have tried many times to get my client to tell his wife about his needs just to be not only shot down, but put down, even made fun of in front of peers and embarrassed over it. I understand the fear most of them have to open up. Hey, it keeps me in business but on the other hand, most of them on both sides of it, don’t want to see their mate on that level. Most partners want to look up to them and though it may just be a private activity, they still don’t want to bother their mate with what might be considered totally vulnerable or even humiliating to the other. So, I am the perfect outlet. A non judgmental separate entity that has no involvement or  knowledge of their daily lives that they can come to and shed these emotions. Most people are not lifestyle fetishists like I am!

Now, I really do have to get ready for my trip. Hope you enjoy my written out thoughts. Peace and positive vibes from me, through the universe, to you. I am going to have a very happy birthday! Oh and thanks again for the gifts! I have kept my gifts page updated. Jamaica here I come!

I will use on my site in the future when I have time to redo the galleries.It’s my gift to my boots slave who got me these wonderful boots and continues to worship me from afar. Thank you my sweet boot slave!

Oh one last thing, I put in an order for a new pair of purple leather crotch high boots yesterday. Calf skin soft leather so I have to be extra careful with them.

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Being a Goddess

October 15, 2010 at 9:58 pm (Uncategorized)

There are many ideas of who a Goddess is or who a Goddess should be. I have heard people get upset with other ladies that call themselves a Goddess because they’re only reasoning for being a Goddess is because they call themselves one. I find this quite humorous. When I first started calling myself Goddess Sativa, there was only one other Pro Domina who called herself Goddess Storm in L.A. She was retired when I took the title. I wanted to be unique, I did not want to use the typical “Mistress” title that is not only cliche, my mother told me it was in reference to a woman who was having sexual relations with a married man. The term is great, if you like the traditional term, which many do and it’s great for them. I have been called a Goddess since I was in high school when my friends used to enjoy my singing or poetry readings I would conduct after school in the meadow.

I have lived a long life in a short amount of years and have a depth and understanding of things that are often overlooked. I just do things my own way and like to question things and always have. It allows me an understanding and appreciation for life that gives me such passion for the simplest of things.

I saved this email I wrote and wanted to share it with you. I don’t remember what I was writing in regards to, but it was so interesting to read, I had to share it! Here it is:

My point is that women are constantly abused. A lot more than reported, I believe. More than one out of four. At least from what I have gathered, but then people have a tendency to open up to me more than they do most.
As a Dominatrix, I am not fully accepted as a professional in society. It is men that rape, men that are clients, men that made these laws and keep them in the first place, yet women get the blunt end. We are not accepted as professionals even though we are very skilled and intelligent people. There are several Dominas who were not abused and do this, that is not my point. My point is that we are used by the very law makers that keep it illegal. This causes more dysfunctional behavior. It makes me sick that sex work is illegal, yet everyone knows it goes on and will no matter what laws there are. I feel there would be less rape, molestation, ect if it were accepted as a treatment, a therapy, that’s what it is.
I challenge any Dr. to treat particular patients that come to me for release of emotion. I gurantee I will do a much better job than a typical Dr. would, weather it be a shrink or whatever.
I have been doing this so very long. I have studied this a very long time. I don’t even call it BDSM anymore. That’s not what it is to me. It is beyond words. It is beyond what I can explain here to you. I share a bond with my subjects, a deep bond most never experience with anyone. People open themselves to me more than they do to anyone else.

So I hope you enjoy a deeper insight into me and my world. I love feedback and knowing you have read this.

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Happy Halloween!!!

October 11, 2010 at 8:41 pm (Uncategorized)

I love this time of the year! I love summer too, so it’s a great transition! I am so excited, my plans are all ready for my trip to Jamaica for Kink in the Caribbean. My first time being away for my birthday. I usually am with friends and family for my birthday, but I felt like being away this year and trying it out.

I got a new pair of boots about two weeks ago before I went to Palm Springs. They are really sexy Marciano boots with a wedge heel and platform. I don’t have another pair like them and they lace up the back of the boot. They are really well made sexy black leather. I wore them at the Folsom Street Fair, but my feet were still really sore from walking up and down the block all day in them. I thought the wedge heel would ease some of the discomfort but I couldn’t play with my sissy much when we got back to my friends dungeon, I was too exhausted. I have a dungeon I can rent from that’s really nice when I am in  San Francisco.

I have hiked a lot before the rain comes, not that it rains much in L.A. It is so beautiful here with the sun shine and the perfect temperatures. I am doing a photo shoot on Friday. I need to start making videos again. I have had recent contacts from slaves I might be able to use in video. I am going to start a list of slaves who are available and want  in my videos, now is the time to apply to get on my list of contacts! Include a brief physical description and your experience on and off video as a slave.

I have spent a lot of time with my girlfriends. I was so busy traveling last month, I am happy to not go anywhere until Kink. I love spending time at home with my kitties! Having down time to have a regular routine of yoga, exercise, meditation, cooking, reading, research and social activities that I love that keep me in perfect balance with the universe. I went to Hawaii for five days, Palm Springs for a three-day weekend and San Francisco for the Folsom Street Faire! I love adventure!

I am home and available for sessions all month this month. I am really in the mood for boot worship, trampling, caning and bondage. I love to hear what you have in mind to build a fantasy from a thought into reality.  It is a wonderful challenge for me and I need challenges! My favorite is still when one comes to me and just gives themselves as a gift for me to play with as I choose, of course always about boundaries.

I have a new female friend that I might consider as a personal slave, how exciting!

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Mid September

September 21, 2010 at 10:47 pm (Uncategorized)

I just got home from Palm Springs last night. I had a great weekend get away just two weeks after being in Hawaii. I did do a few sessions in Hawaii when I was there. It was great fun! I escaped this gloom that’s suddenly taken over L.A. I got my last sun tan in the California sun.

I don’t know what the weather will be like in Jamaica. I am so excited. I want to plan a day to dive while I am there. I am hoping someone else there will want to go on a diving excursion with me. I have some friends going, but I have not been before, so I am not sure how many will show up or exactly who will be there. I usually travel with a specific slave to fetish events but this year is my birthday trip so I am totally going to be irresponsible for anyone other than myself and I’m sure it will be great fun. I am looking forward to meeting some new fetish friends. Contact me if you are going or know someone who is.

I am debating how many boots to take with me. I am planning a performance or two and a class. I am a great teacher and love to share my knowledge. I want to start doing more professional teaching of the BDSM arts. Especially since someone I taught infusion to, taught someone else and that person was teaching a class on it! Considering my experience and that I learned from taking a class taught by Ilsa Strix and the beautiful late Sabrina Belladonna back in 2000, I love it!

Since I am completely independent, I have no children other than my two beautiful felines, I have no reason not to travel. I don’ t own a home yet, as I just am not settled enough for that yet. Travel is my passion. Seeing the world and its various cultures is living to me. I love going to tropical islands the very best!

I have a funny story about a foot worship session I did while traveling. It was not funny then, but it is now. The night before, I went out with my friends in some high heels and broke my toenail on one corner. It really upset me so first thing in the morning before my session, I went to get a pedicure. I get back to my vacation condo and mess up my pedicure on the same toe before the session. Then during the session somehow I cut my toe on the bottom of the bed on the other foot. I have never had so many bad things happen to my feet in such a sort amount of time. It had to be before a foot worship session! Very frustrating to say the least! My foot is all healed and my toenails are perfect again.

I am so excited to go to the Folsum Street Faire! I have not been before. I think I shall wear my leather. Not sure which leather outfit, but I have plenty to choose from.

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Travels, ect.

September 15, 2010 at 7:36 am (Uncategorized)

Hello everyone!

I am just not a secretary type or I’d update this more. I am on twitter a lot though, it’s easy from my phone. I have done all kinds of fun stuff this summer. I went to the Fetish Factory’s anniversary party at the end of May. I went to Vegas in June. I went to Chicago in July, Hawaii at the end of August into September and am going to Folsum Street Faire September 24-26th. I’m really excited, I’ve never been to Folsum Street Faire before.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention that I am going to Jamaica for Kink in the Caribbean Nov.1 for a week or so, for my birthday Nov.4th!

I am now training one of my regular slaves that has served me for over five years to serve as a personal slave. It is still in the early stages and he has a lot to learn but I am making sure to take the time to properly train him. I want him to know his place and keep up a healthy relationship. he has to earn play time by serving me. Establishing boundaries is the part I am working on.

I also have a couple of others in consideration or in the stages of becoming a consideration. I am building my stable back up. After V’s death and during her downfall, I really let things go. It was hard just to move out and relocate from the dungeon I had run since 2001. I lost so many toys along the way.

My friend Mistress Thora Nang who is now in Philly just opened up her own play space! I am so happy for her and can’t wait to visit her soon. In her recent visit to me here, we realized the purple suede rose flogger I had for several years was missing since the move. Another loss. I wonder how many other things I have not realized I’ve lost along the way yet. I forget all that I had. I did have all three rooms outfitted at one point and a cross dressing room! It was a lot of responsibility, especially the rent. I sure don’t miss that! I just don’t need all that room and it was a lot of wasted space and rent money. When I had all those Dommes renting from me back in the day, I still only needed two dungeon rooms! I have learned so much in all this time. Having that big space was my biggest mistake. All the hours I spent teaching how to answer the phone, the legalities, the dangers and how to promote, ect. Some who never ended up renting from me. It’s so interesting to look back on. I know who my true friends are that’s for sure. I miss V. She was so real. That’s why she was my only real partner, that and she was willing to pay half the rent, lol. She was so much like me, we totally trusted each other and even shared clients.

I just went shopping yesterday for a new pair of designer boots! There are pics of me on my twitter page that I have posted recently.

Anyway, its past midnight so it’s me time now.

I hope I don’t take as long to write my next blog as I did this time.

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Amsterdam and new boots.

February 25, 2010 at 5:36 pm (Uncategorized)

I am off to Amsterdam today. I am going with Domina Naudia. She’s been my friend since like 2001 when I first got my dungeon. She lives here now again, so we hang out all the time.  I’m so excited to have a nice vacation.
I don’t have a lot of time so I won’t stay here too long. I have one small phone pic I managed to take after a session the other day. No time for anything else, been super busy working so I can move. I’m sick of the drive and I want to be close to all my friends in Hollywood.

I just thought you’d want to see them. I have a photo shoot scheduled for my return.

I have to write Mistress Winnifred now, I’ve been too busy to keep in touch with her. That’s what happens when you’re a popular Goddess with a full stable of lovely slaves and sluts. I’ve been really busy with the kinky stuff.

I should have some new boots hopefully if I find some in Amsterdam to write about when I get home.

These boots are so perfect! They are a nice durable leather, leather lined too, with grommets up the front. My own custom design based on a design by Kat Von D from LA Ink. She came up with the lovely grommets, but hers have a platform and are only thigh high. I am going to get a red pair made I think I love them so much. My sweet boot slave said to just tell him what I want. I love being Me! Oh thank you my sweet boot slave and all my admirers who indulge me so! I am going to be celebrating my 2nd 9 year anniversary with a slave. I mean I have 2 different slave I have been seeing that long. It’s so wonderful. They are like family to me.

I am so excited, Amsterdam, here I come. Oh and I will be in Florida for Fetish Factory’s 15th year anniversary party at the end of May.

New crotch high boots

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Hello there my fans!

December 16, 2009 at 9:16 pm (Uncategorized)

I am so happy! I am in full mode again and loving being the Dominatrix that I am! Thanks to so many of my sissies and slaves that hold me up so high I feel I touch the sky!

In addition to my custom crotch high black leather boots, my boot slave got me three new pairs of boots. Not another pair of custom crotch high ones or anything, but sexy fun vinyl ones that I can wear in sessions that need full contact boot worship. I can really clean and sterilize them in between uses if they are vinyl. I can’t if they are leather so I dont’ allow most of my leather boots to have full contact worship. I do have a couple pairs of leather boots put aside that I do clean and risk ruining by putting disinfectants on. They are not my good custom boots though. Many of my boots are just too precious to have someones filthy drool on. My slaves appreciate how clean I am. It is after all, for their own safety. In fact, I would have to say cleanliness is a specialty of mine!I go over each piece of equipment twice usually.

I have been doing some really fun double sessions with my girlfriend Domina Naudia. I am going to touch up her site for her whenever I get the chance. It’s not up to date. She has taken a long break since early Summer and I am helping to bring her back to what she loves so much! Since we are both professionally trained make up artists, it is really cool how well we do make overs together! She does the nails while I do the make up. She dresses up sissy while I prepare the sissy. She gets the front while I get the back, ha ha!  We make quite the team! She actually influenced me to become a make up artist! She has flown to Italy and  done make up work on movie stars there and here!

We are both very relaxed, down to earth and trustworthy, strong women. We both have several devoted slaves and friends, but We have both had people around us take advantage of our kind nature. She helped me paint my old silver chamber back in the day, in 2002 before she moved away. It’s really fun for me to have a fellow Pro Domina that is actually my senior in our craft, to work with. Most of the ladies I have worked with in the past were either new to being independent and I helped them transition or they were new Dommes just coming into the scene. In fact, if you really look at the ladies who worked out of my space for any length of time, one cannot help but see the influence I have had on them. Again, my giving nature has not taken the title “Head Mistress” when I was having them rent from me, so they never so much as gave me a thank you. Of course Veronica was the exception to this, she stands alone in my world as the best partner I could have ever had.

It’s very nice and refreshing to have a fellow experienced Domina with well over thirteen years of professional Domination under her belt, one who is grateful for my friendship. And, she is very, very good to me, as I am to her. I am so happy to share my space with her! Yes, I have decided to do so for now.  I really trust her!

I miss V so much, but she is gone now. There is nothing I can do to bring her back. Enjoying her wonderful memories is all I can do.  I hope to share those memories with others who feel the same way.

Naudia has been sharing her personal slave with me. I have been putting him in my cage some nights. It’s so fun to own a personal slave again! A real one that is really submissive and loves to be under my rule. In fact, he cleans, gets supplies and is out of my way if I need him to be. It’s really great to share him since he’s 24/7, we help each other so he doesn’t get to be too much for either of us. he really loves to listen to me and my philosophies. It is very mentally stimulating to meet slaves I can hold interesting converstations with.

A couple weeks ago I had a session with this young man that was so fun to talk to. My interest in ancient history is very deep so I get very excited when someone else knows what I am talking about. It is so much fun! I mean really ancient history, we discussed the Upanishads a bit. I could have gone on for hours talking about it. We had to start playing and what a great session we had! Sharing mutual interests in other things allows us to be closer in our understanding of each other and our comfort levels.

I just love sharing here. I ended up having the day off because I got back so late last night and my phone did not work well while I was away. I could not confirm my session for today.

I am going to a play party Friday night and I am taking a sissy and a masochist for variety! One to serve on me and one for me to beat on and play with. Lucky for him, he loves being played with in public. In fact, I met him at one of the old play parties Pandora used to have at the play space called The Wicked Garden back in the day. It must have been in 2000- 2001 or so. I used to run those parties for her while she was in school, just for the experience and fun of it. She did not pay me even though she was getting a donation for each person at the door. I learned how to run a dungeon fast. It prepared me!

I have been through so much! I am glad when this year will be over to start a new one. It has been hard. I’ve lost two Dominas, one that was a great teacher Sabrina Belladonna may she rest in peace, another that was my best friend and partner and so much more to me, Veronica. I’ve lost other friends or so called friends along the way in the stress of losing V, but gained new ones and got into touch with long, lost ones. I guess it takes a tragedy to know who your real friends are. I know who my real slaves are and I am very pleased!

I hope to be on here a lot more. Forgive me for not being here. I am back now!

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